Create a Happier You,
Stronger Relationships and a more
Balanced Life with the
step-by-step approach of the
Human Mastery – Inner Workings Course

This course is a MUST for anyone tired of riding the
merry-go-round of unhappiness...

Dear Friend,

Do you want more out of life than what you have? One of the greatest tragedies happens when we remain stuck in a pattern just because we do not know any other way to extract life’s fullness.

Learn how you can take control of your life now!

Human beings, for all of our greatness, tend to have to learn lessons the hard way. Oftentimes we need to experience situations more than once before we catch a clue. Life is happy to repeat those lessons until we learn them.

Just like in the movie, Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray repeats the same day over and over until he finally makes changes in his life, that's how we live our lives. From early childhood all the way through our lives, we are constantly learning new lessons.... or not.

Have you ever wondered:

  • Why your relationships never work out?
  • Why you always get passed over for promotions at work?
  • Why life seems to treat you so bad?
  • Why you keep experiencing the same negative situations and problems over and over?

It may be because you haven't learned how to master your humanness yet.

I'm Michael Cavallaro. For more than 40 years, I've worked in the human behavior and energetic patterning fields and been a family intervention counselor and hypnotherapist. I've taught classes, hosted workshops, authored books and much more. 

I've done this because I enjoy helping others, like you, to find the same happiness, life balance and strong relationships that I have garnered over the years.

Did you know.....

You Can Have A Happier, More Rewarding Life...

Nothing changes if nothing changes. It's as simple as that. If you're seeing the same results time and again, it's because you're doing the same things time and again.  Until you make changes, you will continue to get these same results.

Have you ever misplaced your keys, sure that you put them in a certain place only to look there once, twice, even three or more times expecting a different result? It’s the same kind of thing.

Making changes is not as hard as you might think. You simply need to start consciously mastering your human experience. Once you're a master of your humanness, the life you've always wanted will fall into place. 

So how do you become a master of your humanness?

The Human Mastery Inner Workings

The Human Mastery Course presents a revolutionary approach to living. It is about understanding your humanness: who you are and who you are not. It provides a roadmap for creating a
happier you, stronger relationships, and a more balanced life.

This course is your first step in consciously mastering your human experience. There are so many energies and aspects which affect how you are put together as a human being and how you became you. In this course you will learn that who you really are is not who you think you are. More importantly, you will discover who you really are.

"I can remember starting this path in 2007 by doing some energy reading and healing with some friends , the first thing I watched was a Louise Hay movie (You Can Heal Your Life) then began to read Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Cheryl Richardson, Robert Holden, Caroline Myss and other authors in this field. I have been listening to Michael Cavallaro’s Human Mastery audio course and I find the contents of his teachings are really original and different than the books I have been reading before  … its  deep and its goes to places that I had not tapped into before."

~ Haifa, course participant

Human mastery is the integration of your personality, your ego, and your spirit. When these three are united as one you have become a master. In this trinity, your spirit or essence directs your ego and your personality to create the life that you want. In the past your ego and personality directed your spirit’s experience. This created much suffering and discord in your human life experience. The human mastery process helps you achieve inner mastery and direction with the human skills necessary to create and enjoy a life of your choosing.

This Course Will Help You...

  •  Learn who you really are
  • Learn how to integrate your personality, ego and spirit
  • Find what is keeping you from having the life you want
  • Create more joy, love and ease in your life
  • Start creating the life you really want
  • And Much More ...

"The Human Mastery Class has softened the edges/limits of who I thought I was and what I was capable of living.  My prior “narrower” way was feeling almost painful at times  and the course (and Nancy, Annmarie and Michael) helped  me to  open to broadening life’s possibilities…in a way that was resonant to me."

~ Chris, course participant

Here's An Overview Of The Course...

The Human Mastery Inner Workings course is chock full of advice to help you understand yourself better and be able to make the changes necessary to achieve the life you've always dreamed of.

The course is divided into 10 segments with multiple lessons within each segment. You will receive a new segment approximately once a month.


Segment 1: Welcome

  • Welcome letter
  • Part 1  Human Mastery Introduction
  • Part 2  Human Mastery Basics Overview
  • Part 3  Energetic Sensitivity – A Personal Example
  • Part 4  It’s All About YOU
  • Part 5  Feeling People and interpreting Accurately
  • Part 6  Psychology and Psychiatry an Understanding
  • Part 7  Human Fundamentals Part 1
  • Part 8  Human Fundamentals Part 2
  • Part 9  Human Fundamentals Part 3
  • Part 10  Human Fundamentals Part 4
  • Part 11  Human Fundamentals Part 5
  • Part 12  Be Aware Before You Speak
  • Part 13  Relationships and Self Fulfillment
  • Part 14  11 Attributes of a Creator
  • Part 15  What You Should Know
  • Meditation Audios
  • Self-Discovery Journal

Segment 2: Where It All Begins

  • Part 1  Choosing Your Parents
  • Part 2  In the Womb
  • Part 3a  Mother and Father
  • Part 3b  Mother and Father Metaphor
  • Part 4  Behavior Patterns and Children
  • Part 5  Energenetics
  • Part 6  Family Patterning and Dynamics
  • Part 7  The Sensate Body
  • Part 8  Body Awareness
  • Part 9  Life Cycle of the Human Experience, Conception to Infant
  • Part 10  Life Cycle of the Human Experience, Infancy to Young Adult
  • Part 11  Life Cycle of the Human Experience, Young Adult to Departure
  • Part 12  Disconnected and Your Divine Self
  • Meditation Audios
  • Self-Discovery Journal

Segment 3: The Developing Person

  • Part 1  Human Model of the World
  • Part 2  Circles of Influence
  • Part 3  Psychic Etiquette
  • Part 4  Psychic Sponge and Precognitive Belief Formation
  • Part 5  Developing The Identity
  • Part 6  Observing, Mimicking, Modifying and Creating
  • Part 7  Thoughts, Beliefs, Knowings, Attitudes and Patterning
  • Part 8  Beliefs, the Basics
  • Part 9  Question Everything
  • Part 10  Personal Responsibility
  • Meditation Audios
  • Self-Discovery Journal

Segment 4: Human Skills and the Identity

  • Part 1  Human Skills and The Identity
  • Part 2a  Energetic Fields of Influence (EFI)
  • Part 2b  Energetic Fields of Influence (EFI)
  • Part 3  Conscious Communication
  • Part 4  Energetic Sensitivity – Learning a Basic Understanding
  • Part 5  Energetic Sensitivity – The Energetics of Learning
  • Part 6  Energetic Sensitivity – Energetic Sensitivity, Structure and Non-structure
  • Part 7  Energetic Sensitivity – Energetic Sensitivity – Seeking Harmony
  • Part 8  Energetic Sensitivity and the Influence of Others
  • Part 9  Who Am I
  • Meditation Audios
  • Self-Discovery Journal

Segment 5: Awakening

  • Part 1  Awakening
  • Part 2  Inner Work, a Reminder
  • Part 3  Awakening to Your Hypnotic Patterns
  • Part 4  Level 1, 2, 3 Metaphor Explained
  • Part 5  Delusional Distorted Alternate Realities
  • Part 6  Awakening to Your Divinity
  • Part 7  Aspects Explained
  • Part 8  Opening Your Heart Explained
  • Part 9  Belonging
  • Part 10  Obligation, Self-Sacrifice, Belonging
  • Part 11  Language - Energy not Semantics
  • Part 12  Sexuality, Sensuality, Intimacy and Love
  • Part 13  Sensuality of the Soul vs Physical Sensuality, Sex, Love, Sensuality
  • Integrating Higher Aspect Sensate Self Visualizations
  • Inner Angelic Recesses Music
  • Freedom from Limitations – Free from the Past
  • Frequency Mastery – Consciously Using the Frequency of Words
  • Meditation Audios
  • Self-Discovery Journal

Segment 6: Relationships

  • Part 1  Relationships
  • Part 2  Relationship with Self Level 1
  • Part 3  Relationship with Self Level 2
  • Part 4  Relationship with Self Level 3
  • Part 5  Inner Child Metaphor
  • Part 6  Parent and Family Relationships
  • Part 7  Humanity, Earth, Nature Relationships
  • Part 8  Relationships and Gender Preference
  • Part 9  Relationships with Religion Spirituality and the Cosmos
  • Part 10  Employment, Friends, Acquaintances and Career Relationships
  • Part 11  Children and Partner Relationships
  • Part 11a  Relationships and a Common Language
  • Part 12  Relationships and Change
  • Part 12a  Intimate Partnerships and Change
  • Part 13  Mid Life Crisis
  • Part 14  Relationships Exercises and Commands
  • Part 15  Relationship with Self and Others
  • Part 16  Relationships – Self Fulfillment
  • Part 17  The Perfect Partner
  • Part 18  Integrating Sensate Self in Relationships
  • Part 19  Relationship with Self Meditation
  • Part 20  Sexuality Sensuality Meditation
  • Meditation Audios
  • Self-Discovery Journal

Segment 7: Freedom From Limitations

  • Part 1  The Matrix Basic Overview
  • Part 1a  The Matrix is a Consciousness
  • Part 1b  Your Personal Matrix
  • Part 2  Breaking Free from the Matrix
  • Part 3  Leaving your Old Identity
  • Part 4  Freedom – What Is It
  • Part 5  Free and Conscious
  • Part 6  Free from Doubt
  • Part 7  Pure Imagination, Direction and Ascension
  • Part 8  Interpreting Accurately, Being Normal
  • Part 9  My Perceived Identity – The Release
  • Part 10  Freedom from Grief and Loss, a New Perspective
  • Part 11  Abundance – What Is It
  • Part 12  Freedom from Limitations – Death and Aging
  • Part 13  Creating Inner Freedom – Releasing Limited Identities
  • Part 14  Transformation
  • Part 15  The Body – Managing and Changing the Body and Perceptual Experience
  • Part 16  Free from the Past
  • Meditation Audios
  • Self-Discovery Journal

Segment 8: Purging and Discovery

  • Part 1  Eliminating the Past
  • Part 2  Living in the Present
  • Part 3  I AM the Lord God of My Being
  • Part 4  Loss of Identity
  • Part 5  Releasing Attachments
  • Part 6  Releasing Fear
  • Part 7  Old Patterns Revisited and Loved
  • Part 8  Your Love is for You
  • Part 9  Roles, Birth and Integration
  • Meditation Audios
  • Self-Discovery Journal

Segment 9: Integration

  • Part 1  Integration
  • Part 2  Detaching from Birth and Human Family
  • Part 3  Detaching from Your Child - Inner and Outer
  • Part 4  Life Review
  • Part 5  Loss of Identity
  • Part 6  Not what You Expected
  • Part 7  Releasing More Limitations
  • Part 8  Dealing with Feeling
  • Part 9  Discernment, the Next Level
  • Part 10  Sometimes It’s just Weird
  • Meditation Audios
  • Self-Discovery Journal

Segment 10: Sovereignty

  • Part 1  Enlightened Living, Becoming Sovereign
  • Part 2  Personal Dominion
  • Part 3  Human Skills and the New You
  • Part 4  Human Skills, What Good Are They
  • Part 5  Resolving Issues with Invisible Relationships
  • Part 6  Releasing Resistance to Change
  • Part 7  Commanding Your Power Love and Wisdom
  • Part 8  Necessary Understanding
  • Part 9  Who Is God
  • Part 10  Congratulations and a Reminder
  • Meditation Audios
  • Self-Discovery Journal

Wow! That's a Whole Lot of Information!

That's ten segments with 50+ hours of audios and a self-discovery journal for each segment.

With the time and money spent creating this course, many experts would charge several thousand dollars for this course. However, I'm not going to do that. In fact, I'm not even going to charge you half of that.

Pay only $2,000.00 to get complete access to all of this material.


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"This course has awakened a knowing deep inside of me that I am allowed to bring the knowing and feeling that I am love into this human, physical world and experience that knowing and feeling in every moment to moment, day to day experience"

~ Mary, course participant

Stop wasting time on the merry-go-round of unhappiness. Let me show you how to start living a happy, joyful and balanced life.  Start now.


Michael Cavallaro
Living Concepts

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