Are things in your life just not working anymore?

The "I Am" Method Gives You A Practical, Logical, Down to Earth Way of Connecting with Your Inner Knowing that You May Not Remember!

Dear Friend,

Are you tired of riding the merry-go-round of unhappiness? Do you want more out of life than what you have now?

I'm Michael Cavallaro. For more than 40 years, I've worked in the human behavior and energetic patterning fields. I've been a family intervention counselor and hypnotherapist. I've taught classes, hosted workshops, given lectures, authored books and much more.

I've done this because I enjoy helping others, like you, find the same happiness, life balance and strong relationships that I have garnered over the years. 

Did you know.....

 You Can Set Yourself Free From Your Limits

The I AM (Inner Awakening Method) process is a practical, logical, down to earth way of connecting with your inner knowing that you may not remember. This inner knowing is inherent in everyone, but all too often is forgotten or not exercised.

It has been known as intuition, higher-self, spiritual guidance etc. But the fact is that it is YOU, not some mysterious force. Intuition is the remembering of what you have forgotten you already know. This is not some mysterious, lofty, “new age” practice. There is nothing mysterious or mystical about it. It is human, divine, practical and simple. This method is designed to set you free. Free from your limits and free from dependencies on those who “know” something you don’t.

With the assistance of a certified facilitator you can take back the direction of your own life and create the life you want rather than settle for the one you have. You will gain an understanding of exactly why your world is the way it is, and gain the tools to create a new life of your choosing. By staying with the method you will become a free, self-directed, conscious divine human. You will be whatever you choose and have any experience you can imagine.

"I can remember starting this path in 2007 by doing some energy reading and healing with some friends , the first thing I watched was a Louise Hay movie (You Can Heal Your Life ) then began to read Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Cheryl Richardson, Robert Holden, Caroline Myss and others authors in this field. I have been listening to Michael Cavallaro’s Human Mastery audio course and I find the contents of his teachings are really original and different than the books I have been reading before  … its  deep and its goes to places that I had not tapped into before."

~ Haifa, course participant

With This Process, You Have The Opportunity To...

  • Release what has been limiting you or makes you unhappy.
  • Change your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions
  • End patterns that have kept you stuck
  • Take direction of your life
  • Experience permanent change
  • Connect with your true self, your inner knowing and wisdom.
  • Expand your awareness of this and multiple realities
  • Feel inner peace, satisfaction and joy
  • Create the life you choose
  • Become the Master of your own life!

"This course has awakened a knowing deep inside of me that I am allowed to remember “I  Am Love” and that I am allowed to bring that knowing and feeling that I am love into this human, physical world and experienced that knowing and feeling in every moment to moment, day to day experience"

~ Mary course participant

You Can Have The Life Of Which You Dreamed Was Possible!

Schedule your free consultation to see if this method of making the changes that you want permanent is for you. With this process change will no longer be a struggle or something that you have to continually revisit.

Change the things in your life that you are tired of and thought were not possible to change. Have the relationships you want with friends, family, co-workers and others. End patterns that stop you from being financially successful. Enjoy your work and what you do every day. Integrate your spiritual life with your everyday human life.

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Stop wasting time on the merry-go-round of unhappiness. Let me show you how to start living a happy, joyful and balanced life. 


Michael Cavallaro
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